Our most recent productions:

1. Underwater Carnival  - a eye candy shot in Indonesia from 2014 till 2017 is now finished and will soon be broadcast on European Television.

September 21st 2017 on Swiss National Television SRF1, at 8:05 pm,  and on October 9th at 8:15 pm  on the international satellite channel 3sat.

The Swiss underwater cameraman Edi Frommenwiler convinced the famous Indonesian fashion designer Dynand Fariz to take up the ocean as a subject in his annual carnival in order to raise the awareness of the Indonesian people for their fantastic but endangered ocean.

In the Jember Fashion Carnival the subjects Ocean, Seahorse and Jellyfish were the stars.

The world of seahorses and jellyfishes according to  fashion designer Dynand Fariz.

2. In the Shadow of Everest – Nepal – one Year after the Earthquake  -   was shot in October and November 2016 on location and was broadcast on Swiss National Television March/April 2017

shooting in a village near Charikot.

Norbu Sherpa and Andrea Zimmermann married, climbed Everest and built a school in Leptung. Their story is the centerpiece of this film.


Otto C. Honegger and Polar Bravo from the Swiss Red Cross were treated like kings while

3. The Legacy Hunter –  Book Project

A true Crime Story around Dementia and Greed

4. Giuseppe Superstar – A Swiss Musical Star on Broadway.

How his life goes on. He unterwent surgery in 2016 but is going strong again to where?

5. South Sea Diaries

On the trails of Louis Antoine de Bougainville